Press Release: Launch Date is march 28, 2014 welcome : Yubi clothing company,Inc, is a Privately Held,Company, Was Founded in 2000,Incorporated in Feb 12th 2013 ,by Rob Brutus Jr. A Business Owner,we are now Going to introduce to the world, Our New designs ,Logos, starting with sportswear, t-shirts for men & women, YUBI COMPANY Is More Than A T-shirt Company, We Are A CLOTHING COMPANY AND EMPOWERMENT COMPANY ! we are coming Soon !!!! so check back may,1st 2014, For online Products For purchase...

Respectfully yours,

Rob Brutus,CEO & Founder YUBI A registered Trademark Company

Thanks, Ceo Rob Brutus

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yubi clothing company,Inc
Bronx,New York, 10473
By phone:1-678-382-5187
5pm,eastern time

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